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The Most Popular T20 Cricket League in World, IPL ,PSL, BBL

Which are the greatest T20 Cricket Leagues ?

Lahore : Before 21st Century no one ever pondered about T20 cricket, but in 2003 local English teams played the first offical T20 match. After that T20 Cricket never stopped , the 1st T20 World cup was played in 2007. Right after that India brought its own T20 league As Indian Premier League which came out be a huge success.  After that other nations like Australia, England, Bangladesh also started their own leagues, and now we are witnessing that T20 Leagues are beating International cricket. Lets find out top 3 T20 Leagues


3. Big Bash League

Availability of Local Players

A Big concern that Big Bash League(BBL) is to face is the unavailability of local stars, due to the Australian summers most local players, play international cricket and miss out BBL. These players include Steve Smith, David Warner , Nathan Lyon and more. This is main drawback that that descended the ranking of BBL from 2nd to 3rd. So They get 7/10 here

Overseas Player

If you give a look to overseas players in BBL ,they are quality players. Big stars from all around world dream to play in BBL. A Major concern here again is that they do not allow more than 3 players overseas players per match and due to this they lose audience interest. Mostly people watch leagues for foreign players and to support there favourite players who are in action. Here they get 7/10

Quality & Franchises

The Quality in BBL is just terrific, They bring new innovations which gives a boost to quality and audience interest. They bring new rules like, substitute players. Umpires wearing helmets, team gets point if their score is more runs in 10 overs. The franchises are really good and have great coordination with the Australian cricket board. Here they will get 9/10.

Overall they get 23/30

2-Pakistan Super League

Availability of Local Players

Pakistan Super League (PSL) has large variety of great local players. They have all local stars including Babar Azam, Shaheen Shah, Sharjeel Khan, Muhammad Rizwan and so on. The best thing is that they have outstanding local bowlers who are acknowledged by overseas players and coaches. So here they get 8.5

Overseas Player

As PSL is becoming a more larger and bigger brand, overseas players are getting interested to be a part of it. Which we have seen in lights of Martin Guptill, Chris Gayle, David Miller and other superstars from all around the globe, but they(PCB) still aren’t able to sign players like Steve Smith, Aaroon Finch, Kane Williamson and so on. So here they get 7/5/10

Quality & Franchises 

The quality of the league is consistently improving and has left BBL behind. Fans are more interested to see PSL, broadcasting quality is improving and we are able to witness high quality games. PCB has made blunders and that reduced the quality of the league but at last PCB is solving their mistakes,but franchises have shown some issues with PCB although on individual level franchises are doing great job but the concerns with PCB stand out to be the headlines everyday. So due to the concerns here they get 8/10

So overall PSL gets 25/10

1-Indian Premier League

Availability of Local Players

So for IPL local players aren’t a concern they have local stars like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma playing in IPL. There emerging players are just fantastic too. They get 9.5/10 here


Overseas Players

The best thing about IPL is that if you ask any cricketer from any part of world his dream would be to play IPL, which takes IPL to a next level. All New Zealand , England, South African and Australian players dream to play IPL due to money and fame. It can be proved as no international cricket takes place when IPL takes place. So they get 10/10 here.

Quality & Franchises 

You no what ,you watch cricket or not you definitely know about IPL as its broadcasted almost all over the world.The quality of IPL was phenomenal till last year but now 1 postponement and some low quality matches in season 16 are reason for the downfall of it. Franchises are rich and great but we have seen 2 big franchises involved in match fixing in previous years. They get 8/10 here

Over All they get 27.5/30





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