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Shikar Dhawan sidlines Shaheen Shah Afridi from Top 5 Players in World Cup 2023

Shikhar Dhawan recently unveiled his ultimate dream lineup for this year’s ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, spotlighting five exceptional players who, in his estimation, would constitute an ideal team for the tournament. Renowned as one of the preeminent white-ball competitors of contemporary cricket, Dhawan, a dynamic left-handed batsman, frequently reserves his standout performances for the grand stage of the World Cup, with no fewer than three of his remarkable 17 One Day International (ODI) centuries unfolding during this prestigious 50-over spectacle.

Dhawan’s handpicked dream XI for the forthcoming 2023 edition of the World Cup unsurprisingly features two fellow Indian teammates, with additional representation hailing from Australia, Afghanistan, and South Africa, thereby orchestrating a well-balanced and formidable opening ensemble.

Leading the charge at number one is Virat Kohli, a seasoned veteran of three World Cups and a past victor on home terrain in 2011. Dhawan unequivocally labeled Kohli as his first choice, extolling his position as the premier batsman in the cricketing realm, characterized by his phenomenal run-scoring exploits.

The second slot is seamlessly occupied by Rohit Sharma, who, akin to Dhawan, has illuminated the two preceding World Cups with his scintillating centuries. Dhawan’s rationale for this choice lies in Sharma’s extensive experience and his prolific track record in ICC tournaments and bilateral series, asserting his mettle on the grandest of stages.

Venturing into the realm of bowling prowess, Dhawan earmarks Mitchell Starc as the ideal candidate, spurred by his dynamic left-arm pace and his reign as the top wicket-taker during the 2019 World Cup. Starc’s potency as a fast bowler is a compelling reason for his inclusion in Dhawan’s dream XI, as he forecasts Starc’s capability to induce significant impact in the impending 2023 tournament.

Rashid Khan, the enigmatic spinner, strides into Dhawan’s lineup as the fourth selection. Despite his modest wicket tally during his inaugural World Cup appearance in 2019, Dhawan perceives Rashid’s beguiling spin as a potent asset, particularly on the subcontinent pitches. Dhawan anticipates Rashid’s exceptional ability to extract wickets with his distinctive bowling action.

The final piece of Dhawan’s dream XI puzzle is occupied by Kagiso Rabada, the lion-hearted South African fast bowler. While contemplating the inclusion of Pakistan’s Shaheen Afridi, Dhawan ultimately pivots towards. This decision stems from Dhawan’s intent to diversify his bowling attack and unleash Rabada’s unique attributes to confound opposing batsmen.

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