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ICC Upcoming Events Schedule Till 2031 Includes 2 New Mega Events

ICC announced upcoming Events till 2023 with 2 new types of tournaments, the T20 Champions Cup and ODI Champions Trophy.

Lahore : Recently During a meeting ICC Finalized the plan for upcoming ICC tournaments. They included 2 new tournaments. The first is ICC T20 Champions Cup which would be held in 2024 and 2028. The second one is ODI Champions Trophy which would be held in 2027 and 2031. The champions trophy would make a comeback first time after 2017

The ICC and its chief executive Manu Sawhney argued that there should be 1 ICC event at least a year. His argument was this will increase the revenue for smaller cricketing nations. This was opposed by Big 3 their argument was this would reduce the number of Bilateral series.  

On the other hand, BCCI has also decided to increase the number of teams in IPL that would result in an increase in the length of the league. ICC needs great planning to implement all these plans.

ICC ODI Men’s World Cup would be held in 2027 and 2031 after 2021, ICC is looking to increase the numbers of teams to 14 and divide them into 3 groups. Currently, in the world cup, they are 10 teams.

The t20 world cup in this 8-year cycle would be held in 2024 and 2028 featuring 20 teams. While the champions trophy would feature 8 teams in 2025 and 2029.

The T20 Champions cup would be again a World Cup in itself with 48 matches like the ODI World Cup.

Expect these all ICC World Test Championship would be held every year. Its final would be held every second year. ICC is taking a big step to support smaller cricketing nations. These events would help Cricket grow if they are executed.

The Chairman of Cricket Australia said

It’s difficult to manage everything, we have got t20 competitions spreading faster around the globe and biggest cricketing league IPL, and bilateral cricket, we also have to save the Sanctity of Test cricket, and keep ICC and its member going with each other.



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