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Babar Azam replies to Virat Kohli’s praise

Pakistan’s skipper, Babar Azam, expressed his deep appreciation for former Indian captain Virat Kohli’s words of admiration. Babar, renowned for his graceful batting style and unwavering performance in various formats, couldn’t contain his joy when discussing Kohli’s remarks.

“It’s truly uplifting when someone offers such compliments. Virat Kohli’s words are a source of immense pride for me. They boost my confidence. Back in 2019, during the World Cup, I approached him. He was at the pinnacle of his career, and he’s still at the top. I felt it was a golden opportunity to learn from him. He shared valuable insights and explanations that greatly benefited me. Such experiences are invaluable,” Babar expressed with gratitude.

During the Asia Cup 2023, the official broadcasters recently shared a video from 2022 in which Virat Kohli showered praise upon the Pakistan captain. Kohli, a cricketing icon on the global stage, not only lauded Babar’s cricketing prowess but also commended his character.

“Right from day one, I’ve witnessed immense respect from him. It hasn’t wavered, even though he’s arguably the world’s best batsman in all formats. He’s truly coming into his own, and his attitude towards me hasn’t changed. Personalities like his serve as inspiration and have a lasting impact on people,” Kohli reflected.

In summary, Babar Azam expressed his gratitude for Virat Kohli’s generous praise, highlighting the positive influence of such admiration on his confidence and growth as a cricketer. Kohli, in turn, emphasized the enduring respect he has observed in Babar and celebrated his exceptional cricketing abilities and character.

Babar Azam Virat Kohli will be in action in the upcoming India vs Pakistan Match that is to be played tomorrow in the Kandy Palakalle cricket stadium and will be a delight to watch out. The match night be affected by rain and we will keep you updated.

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